Churches in Mentana

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Churches in Mentana

Chiesa di Santa Margherita

The church of Santa Margherita stands outside the old walls of the castle. It is considered the oldest in Castelchiodato, in fact, en engraving above the bell bears the date of 1148. It was the parish church until it was replaced by the later built Santa Maria degli Angeli.
The facade, which is very simple like the structure, is composed of a classic roof and a wall which acts as bell tower. Inside above the altar, located opposite the entrance, there was a fresco depicting Santa Margherita holding the martyr's palm and cross, a dragon which the Saint had tied up and some saints. Unfortunately, the frescos were covered during renovation work on the church in 1854.
The church, like many others of that period, was used also to bury the dead, and indeed there are three common graves in the floor, for women, men and children.
Due to these tombs mass was no longer said starting in 1534, graves were built and two small windows were built in the facade to allow worshipers to kneel and pray to their dead. When there was no more space inside the church, a cemetery was built near it which remained in use until 1887.

Chiesa di Santa Maria degli Angeli - Via Nomentana 109 – Casali

The church of Santa Maria degli Angeli was built using part of the castle walls around 1615.
It immediately replaced the older Santa Margherita as parish church.
In the following century (1700s) it underwent renovation work which added the Cappella del Rosario which also acted as a tomb for priests.
The second 1859 renovation entailed various modifications, including raising of the entire structure and refacing of the facade as well as opening of a side door. At the same time the church was enlarged towards the apse and an organ was placed above the main entrance. The newly renovated church was thus ready to house the Sanctuary of the Santissimo Salvatore, the wood altarpiece now visible in a niche opposite the side entrance which depicts Christ between two women.
According to legend the altarpiece was created by Saint Luke, but it is more likely that it is the work of an anonymous 13th century artist.
Entering you can see that the high altar is dedicated to the Madonna degli Angeli, the painting above it depicts the Virgin with child and a few Saints. The wall contains an antique fresco depicting Mary surrounded by angels.
The baptismal font is located to the left side of the main entrance, above it is a depiction of Jesus' baptism.
A wood pulpit is located in the same side and a painting of Santa Margherita;
the background of an 1854 painting show a glimpse of the town, taken near the current Piazza A. Matteotti.

Santuario del Santissimo Salvatore

Located in the countryside, just outside the town on the road leading to Monterotondo flanking the Macchia di Gattaceca. The first documents on its existence date back to 1594, but its origin remains cloaked in legend, evidently on 1 June of an unspecified year, some peasants from the neighbouring town of Monterotondo came across the wood altarpiece with the image of Christ while they were working. They decided to take it to their town, and put it on a cart drawn by oxen, but after a few steps the animals refused to move. The sky suddenly darkened and a violent storm broke out so the peasants gave up and the oxen, no longer guided by humans, returned from where they had come, bringing the altarpiece back to the point where it had been found. The storm suddenly died down and snow fell from the sky to mark the exact perimeter of the sanctuary which was later built on the site